Living rooms: how to make it the heart of our home

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In the living room we spend the most time. Usually on a sofa, on an armchair, or on a rusted carpet by the fireplace. We watch TV, talk to family, and welcome our visits.
How to create a space in which we will feel comfortable? Here are the tips.

1. Do not stop the living room with furniture

The days when everybody had a wall at home, are gone. We mostly fight space, especially in big cities. That’s why it’s better to choose a living room with a feel and limit yourself to a table under the TV, a conference table, or a couple of hanging cabinets where you can hide magazines or electronics.

2. Do not have television as the center of space

Television limits our interpersonal communication. So do not give the TV a dominant space, it is ideal to place it in another room, or at least cover it behind a curtain or a cabinet.
Select your living room carpet according to the color of the accessories. It adds warmth and “home feeling”. Very popular are carpet with high-grade, they look great in the space. But it depends on your preferences and whether it will suit your more demanding maintenance.

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