5 TED Talks for your Mental Health

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I’m a self help junkie and I’m always looking for fresh ideas from people who “get it”. Frankly, there’s a lot of garbage in the self help world and it takes a bit of time to wade through all the fads and fluff. These TED talks are the most kick ass ones I’ve found so far and I wanted to share them with you. I love watching TED talks because I can stream them on the TV while I clean the house (multi tasking is so satisfying). If you watch these and still need an inspirational kick in the ass checkout my pep talks post or my post on how to stay positive when everything sucks.

This TED talk discusses embracing your depression can actually make your life better. I’m a huge advocate of not living in shame of your mental health disorders. I struggle with depression on the daily, you can checkout my depressive episode survival guide if you’re struggling with depression.

Martin Seligman is the creator of positive psychology. His focus on making peoples quality of life better and not on fixing what traditional psychology has labeled mental illnesses. Once you have you’re positive energy flowing checkout my manifestation tips to help you live a kick ass life or go printout my free gratitude worksheet.

I love this talk by a young beat boxer who is also bipoloar. He talks about why he views his mental illness as mental skillnesss. I love hearing him reframe his disorder. If you’re struggling with a mental illness checkout or just feeling kind of shitty checkout my list of 50 things you can do to feel better right now. I know some days are easier than others, hopefully that list will help you find a little relief today.

This is a really interesting talk about emotional first aid and why we all need to practice it. This talk tells you seven ways you can emotionally care for yourself right now. It’s so true that we don’t talk about maintaining your mental health the way we do about physical health. That’s really too bad because dealing with mental illnesses is hard and there are a freaking lot of us out here. I have a free printable of self care for your mind, body and soul and a list of 30 self care activities that don’t cost a god damn thing.

Thanks for checking out my post. If you’re looking for more motivation checkout my post of bad ass commencement speeches. I have a ton of mental health resources on my site that I hope you’ll checkout like my free mental health planner or my posts related to anxiety and depression.

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